Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Past Few Days

This has been a low key trip i.e. not a lot of adventuring or site seeing. Most of my time has been spent hanging out with Jenny and Zoee.

Within the week and a half that I've been here Zoee has sprouted like a little weed. I swear she has gained 2 pounds and grown a little longer in a matter of days. One afternoon while Jenny went for a swim I walked her around the gardens surrounding the pool. It was lovely to stroll her around. She slept most of the walk but every time I looked at her my heart about burst.

Sorry that I am not posting any pictures of Zoee but Jenny isn't keen on that. Zoee and Nico heard word from the county that they will accept Nefertiti as a middle name so, Zoee Nefertiti it will be.

I went to the museum in Martigny Friday to see the current exhibit which is a diverse collection from an anonymous patron of the museum's private collection. Zoee enjoyed strolling through the outdoor sculpture garden which made my heart happy.

Saturday, Jenny, Zoee and I took a drive to the Valais town of Haute Nendaz for her to check out a vacation rental for Nico's annual get together with friends. We shared a fondue de tomates for lunch at a place in the center of Nendaz. The house was beautiful with lots of rooms for everyone, great common areas and a pool with 360 degree views of the mountains. I threatened to come back for the get together.

Sunday we went to Nicole and Cyril's place for dinner. I got to meet Nicole's two sisters who were visiting, one from Glasgow and one from London. They were both joys to meet. Michelle who lives in Glasgow (where Nicole's family is from) is a fast talker. Now, I usually have no trouble understanding any variety of accents but between her Scottish brogue and fast talking I was left feeling like she was speaking Greek much of the time. It really made me laugh. Nicole and Cryil are expecting and Nicole is darling with her little baby belly.

Yesterday (Monday) I visited the Chateau de Chillon along the shore of Lac Leman.


After the chateau I drove up from Jenny and Nico's to Glion and Caux. These two places caught my attention-



Pretty interesting, no?

Today I am going to take the Golden Pass train for a scenic ride up to the mountains.


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