Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Few Quick Things

We are headed out to a little town on the coast where we will get to swim in the sea and eat local fish and we are planning to spend the night there. I will not take my computer and probably won't post until Monday but I wanted to post a few pics of our time so far.

The honey on this yogurt with apricots is the best honey I've ever had and that is saying a lot because I get beautiful, wonderful tasting honey from Ohio Honey. We were told that it was acacia honey.

Greek salad with salty feta, delicious ripe Mediterranean tomatoes and red onions. Steve nor I can usually tolerate raw onions. They are too sharp and hot for both of us and they stay with Steve for a day so we usually avoid them. All of the red onion that we've had here has been very mild, not hot, and delicious! We've been eating raw onion like candy!

There is nothing like Greek yogurt and the tzitziki here is full of fresh garlic and is rich and creamy and... oh, my good.

That's it for now. I've got to get packed.


  1. The Greek yogurt looks impossibly rich and delicious - especially swirled with the beautiful honey - enjoy!

  2. diane that greek salad with all those onions reminded me of my first experience with greek food on the greek ship queen fredericka that brought us here from italy. they seemed to pile raw onion on everything or so it seemed to me (a child.... five years old). the smell of raw onion permeated the dinning room. my mother said we survived on lemonade and every now and then an egg. i've since become very fond of greek food. can't wait to hear about the fresh fish you'll be feasting on over the weekend.


  3. I am simply drooling all over my keyboard. That sounds absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to hear about the weekend at the coast.

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  6. Heidi, that yogurt with the honey in that picture is the best yogurt we've had thus far and we've had yogurt with every meal be it in tzitziki or as dessert with honey. I am going to buy some of that yogurt from the restaurant where we had it to take back to my sister's house and see how I do with making my own yogurt from that and the raw milk I get from the farm in Switzerland.

    Mary, I can only imagine what it must have been like to come to America as a child on a ship like that. I had to laugh at the idea of the smell of onions permeating the dining room as I laughed to myself on the plane coming here from Switzerland about the onion and garlic breath of both the man sitting in front of me and the man sitting behind me. Both men were Greek and whenever they talked to their wives, Steve and I were enveloped in a cloud of bad breath. I kept trying to direct my overhead air in a way to keep us safe from the odors but it was to no avail. I ended up moving to another seat, LOL. I am sure that my breath has been exactly the same since we've been here.

    Tom, hopefully I will be able to duplicate the yogurt or at least achieve something close and then I can try doing the same thing in the states and we can have it with Lucy's luscious honey.

  7. Acacia honey sounds wonderful!

    I'll be interested to hear how your yogurt-making goes. The milk you get from your farmer is so delicious. I wonder how much of the natural flora in the milk will compete with the yogurt starter culture. Do report back!