Friday, May 15, 2009


Yesterday morning, Steve and I got on a plane in Geneva heading for Athens, Greece and then... we sat on the tarmac. Why, you ask? Ah, yes, the answer would be because the Greek air traffic controllers were on strike so we were not allowed to take off from Switzerland until the pilot knew we would be able to land in Athens. Fortunately, the striking air traffic controllers seem to have a system of striking for a defined period of time to emphasis the point they're trying to make and then they get back to work. We were able to take off about 45 minutes after our scheduled departure. Welcome to Greece.

Steve and I decided to rough it and take the bus into town from the airport instead of a cab. My sister told us it was very doable and that the walk from the bus station to her flat was reasonable. That was an experience! We were packed into the bus like sardines and it was standing room only for at least half of the riders and every inch of floor space not stood on was piled with luggage. I was looking forward to the bus ride because I thought it would be a good chance to see different parts of the city as we headed in from the airport but the bus was so packed that we really weren't able to see much. The ride in was over an hour but the walk to Jenny's flat was only about 10 minutes. Considering that the bus fare was 7 Euros for both of us as opposed to the 40 or 45 Euros the cab would have cost, I would say it was worthwhile.

More later...


  1. tell us about greece!! A greek friend of mine who I meet in Ohio went back to greece at age 38, and vowed to never leave, that the pace of life was as life worth living, and begged me to join him and his wife in greece. Is it really that great?

    secondly, I ran a greek lamb salad, i marinated the leg of lamb chunks in dried oregano, lemon juice, lemon infused olive oil, black pepper, and evoo. is that something like anything you might actually find in greece???? just wondering for my own muse.

  2. Michael, more about Greece to come but in the meantime, the lamb for your salad dish is exactly something you would find here. None of us has had an appetite for much meat since we've been here so we haven't eaten lamb save for a souvlaki sandwich out first night. The lamb that I've seen has either grilled with lemon, olive oil and often oregano or stewed.

    I am so looking forward to eating from your new menu and trying your specials at Black River Cafe when we get home.