Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bleating Sheep

Steve was working in Epone (a suburb of Paris) this week, and I stayed here to get settled and give him a chance to settle in to his gig there. It was pretty quiet around here. It was cold, damp and grey two days in a row so I just laid low. I did venture to the Ikea outside of Geneva for a few household items but that has been the extent of my excitement (other than just being here which is daily excitement).

These photos are especially for Era who asked for them :) O.K. probably not exactly what you had in mind but what I happened to have in my camera.

That bamboo in the front left corner of the photo is the far side of my sister and Nico's property. The road you see is the same road we take up from town and it goes all the way up the mountain. I don't know who owns the yard/property next store to my sister's but they have about 12 or so sheep that they keep on the property. Their morning bleating is my alarm clock.

This house is the next closest house to my sister's as you look out the same direction as the yard with the sheep. The view beyond the house is what you see as you look up the mountain.

Steve will be working in Epone again next week and I am going with him this trip so I can spend some time in Paris. Hopefully we will have a chance to see his cousins this week. That mostly depends on Steve's work schedule. I will have time to visit with them during the day but Steve wants to see them too! This trip we will drive so that I will have a car if I need one. We are leaving Sunday. Steve will work Monday-Friday and we will take a leisurely drive back over the weekend so we can stop in some of the towns we like along the way.

One more pic of the view from my Sis' . This is looking from her balcony out towrds Geneva.


  1. I now understand if you don't come back...what a beautiful view!

  2. Dave, the main photo of the blog is also a view from my sister's house. Isn't it amazing? You see why I don't even have to venture out of the house to enjoy myself and why even washing windows doesn't bother me when I'm here.

    If we do end up staying in Switzerland for any length of time we would rent a flat and it would have to be in one of the towns on the mountain so we could have this kind of view.

  3. WOW. What a lovely view! Have fun in Paris.

  4. Now *that's* more like it. ^_^