Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hotel Cazaudehore La Forestiere, St. Germain en Laye

When Steve and I travel I can spend days before our trips scouring travel books and the internet for the perfect places to stay. I have high expectations; I look for fine and elegant or off the beaten track and quaint at a modest price. I have found many incredible places for us to stay on our travels and always for an exceptional price.

This time Steve found the gem.

Last week when Steve came to France to work at the Epone office he found the sweetest hotel. He was eager to come back this week to share it with me.

This hotel, Cazaudehore La Forestiere is part of the always beautiful and elegant Relais & Chateaux collection of fine hotels.

It was a pleasure to stay here the last few nights. Our accommodations were lovely and the staff of the hotel offered impeccable service at every turn. Unfortunately, though we are staying in the area until Saturday or Sunday, we must change hotels today as the hotel is booked tonight (not the rest of the week just tonight). The Hotel & Revenue Manager in me wants to explain the revenue loss in displacing several (there are other company folks who could have stayed here)week long stays for one night guests but it is not my place. We enjoyed our time here and I'm sure we will have opportunities to return.


An interesting side note-

Steve's Uncle Jacques is a retired General of the French Army. At one time he was the Station Commander of an installation that is directly across the street from this inn. How funny is that?


  1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
    Might the picture taker be standing close to the hall?


    That place looks so quaint and charming.

    You are absolutely right that is it sometimes a very thin line that separates not saying anything and correcting someone else in a situation where you have significant knowledge. Especially a situation where you feel you might even educate someone.

  2. Je me suis mariée avec Jean à Saint Germain en Laye pour la mairie!
    Grosses bises.

  3. Marie-Catherine, vraiment?!?! That is so cool!

    Tom, yes, mirror mirror on the wall.. that is me!