Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I Packed

When I travel instead of taking one full suitcase I divide my things into two bags so I will have plenty of room to bring home goodies for myself and to share with family and friends.

This trip I decided to take advantage of the extra space in my bags going over to fill them with everyday things that I would use while here in Switzerland since things are so expensive here.

On the counter you can see bags of oats and other ingredients for granola. I eat granola most days for breakfast. I brought enough to make two batches: one for while I'm here and one to make to leave for my sister and her husband Nico.

The two bags of Nestle's chips are to leave with my Sis and the Hellman's is well, sometimes you just want Hellman's! I don't care for the mayo sold in France and Switzerland. It often has mustard in it and even when it doesn't I'm not a fan. I know I could make my own but I also wanted to have a jar of the good stuff from home.

I brought this awesome vintage set of stainless flatware for my sister and her husband that I found thrifting in Detroit. It is a huge set and was a great score.

In addition to the above I also brought a 250 Ft. roll of Reynold's aluminium foil, a box each of gallon and quart Hefty freezer bags, a package each of the largest, large, medium and small Ziploc plastic food storage containers, a few bamboo flat edge spatulas from the Asian import store, a few good knives and a knife sharpener and some stainless tongs, oh and most importantly a pastry cutter and pastry scraper.

You didn't think I would stop making pie crusts while I was away did you? My sister has a patch or rhubarb in the yard and I'm going to check on it today. Hubba, hubba I hope to be making my first rhubarb pie while I'm here.

For those of you that don't know, I finally mastered the art of the pie crust a few months ago. I have been practicing and refining my crust ever since. You could say I'm going through a pie and quiche obsession and rhubarb is my FAVORITE pie so I am very much looking forward to making my first one with fresh rhubarb and all!


  1. My friend and neighbor Renee makes wonderful pie crust, the best I've had. I can't wait to try yours, so I can see whose is better! ; )

    What kind of shortening do you use?

    I may not make the best pie crust, but my Southern style buttermilk biscuits are to-die-for!

  2. Good morning beauty, (afternoon by now for you)

    I love the sausages from the farm. The produce is great year round. The farms are one of my great delights when visiting Jennifer and Nico.

    The cows are the veggie farm love to have visitors. You might take pics to share.

    Have you noticed the wonderful dining enclosure next to the veggie barn??? I'll try to find a way to embed a pic I took.

    Yeah! You pie maker. Rhubarb! Yum! My very favorite.
    If/when you get to Paris be sure to try the Rhubarb tart from Paul's. It has a lovely custard under the rhubarb and a slightly carmelized top. I want to hope on a plane just thinking about it. It's also fun trying to roll two rs in one word.
    still love you. mom

  3. rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb. rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb. rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.

    --> Stunning. Mountain. Vistas. <--

    Where R they?

    *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap*

    rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb. rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb. rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.rhubarb.

  4. Momma-san!!! I LOVE the rhubarb tarts from Paul's! Have we never talked about them before? Too funny that we both found them and have been enjoying them.

    Nestle makes a rhubarb yogurt that is available at the groceries here. I was so looking forward to having some as soon as we got here but alas, it is not available right now. The rhubarb is a summer flavor and they are still on winter, boo.

    Era, I posted a few pics for you. Not exactly what you were looking for I know but I have been laying low the past few days.

    Lotsa love to you both,


  5. Anonymous, I use half butter and half lard for my crust. I LOVE biscuits and I think since I have the method for a good crust figures out that maybe now I will be able to make a decent biscuit.