Monday, March 30, 2009

En France

Yesterday Steve and I drove from Switzerland to France. Steve is working in the city of Epone and we are staying in the beautiful town of St. Germain en Laye. We are 30 minutes outside of Paris. We took a slightly different route from our usual Montreux- Paris path since the GPS indicated the new path would be a little faster. We didn't make any stops along the way as we got off to a late start and wanted to get to our hotel at a reasonable hour.

After we checked in at our hotel we ventured in to town for a late dinner.

Steve started with the pate de maison.

I started with the terrine de volaille (chicken), also house-made.

I am just starting to take photos when we dine and I am not used to it yet thus I forgot to take any pictures on our meals but below is a picture of the Chateau de St. Germain en Laye which was our view out the window of the restaurant.

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