Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Post! Hi from La Suisse!

I have often thought about keeping a diary or journal but have never done it.

When I married my husband, Steve, I bought a journal to keep track of our travels. We travelled and I never journaled. In fact, I have two or three beautiful journals in my keepsake drawer, each purchased with the best of intentions and each one... empty.

At the same time I've never had an interest in blogging. I enjoy reading other's blogs, mostly food related although some family/daily life sorts of blogs.

My husband and I are currently living at my sister's home in Chernex, Switzerland while Steve works on a project that will run until the beginning of May (hopefully longer!). We do a good deal of travelling together but living abroad for 7 weeks makes this our biggest adventure yet. It is wonderful that we are staying at my sister's since I feel at home in her house and I am familiar enough with the town and surrounding area to be able to get by on my own when Steve is at work or away.

I got it in my mind to start a blog to serve as my journal for this trip and also as a way to share the adventure with family and friends. I hope you enjoy my new endeavor and I hope you keep in touch while we're away.

Much love,



  1. So happy to see that you're blogging the European trip. Post lots of pictures!

    Switzerland and France must be so gorgeous this time of year. I wish I could find a way to come visit...

  2. OK< Edsel, you're fast! I'd hoped to be the first to post. I really not competitive anyway.

    Dear Diane, I am so excited that you're doing the blog. It'll be a great way to feel closer while you're away.

    You'll be happy to know that the carpets have been vacuumed, the sheets washed and back on the beds and the trash waiting to go to the curb. BTW, does the can go to the curb or just the bags??/ Guess we'll see what the neighbors do.



  3. Edsel, it has been gorgeous since we arrived. It's been a little cool, maybe low 40's, but the sun is out every day.

    We wish you could find away to come visit too! We would love to have you here.

  4. Hope this works. Third time trying to post.

    Glad you're doing this. It will be a great way to stay close while you and Steve are living this life European.

    Trash out, sheets washed and back on the beds, carpets vacuumed...more later.

    love, mom

  5. Hi Diane,

    I will love to follow you as you start this new stage of your live. I couldn't be happier for you, and will look forward to seeing what you create! Not only for yourself and Steve, but for us as well. I have missed you and have thought of you often.

    Fondly, Lucille

  6. So what have you cooked so far?

  7. Congratulations on your new blogging and adventures.

    Eagerly looking forward to reading about your travels.


  8. Well that was fast....I thought we were going to have some vino before you split. You told me you might have to leave earlier and I guess that's the way it happened. Sounds like everything went smooth as far as the trip over. I'm at Solari so i gots to go, but hope you're having fun today. Mark Chase

  9. Diane, I love the inspiration for the blog and the name of the blog, too. Have fun on your travels!

  10. I thought I posted a response to most of the comments earlier but I don't see it. Forgive me if I am repeating myself.

    Mom, I am excited about the blog too! Thanks a bunch for doing those chores. It feels funny to ask my Mom to do chores for me :) I think you know this but, I always feel close to you even when I'm away from home.

    Lucille, I am tickled that you'll be following along on our adventure via the blog! I miss you too and think of you often and always with fondness and affection. Please tell Anne "hello" from me and share the blog with her. I can't wait to see you when we get back.

    Jill, I will post more about what I've cooked but so far its been simple meals with meats and veggies from the farms where I shop when we're here.

    Heidi, thanks for the sentiments! I am so psyched about this trip and the blog.

    Mark, you and I will have lots'a vino when Steve and I get back! Remember how much I wanted to share Switzerland and Lake Como, Italy with you when Steve and I were here this summer? It's exactly those kind of feelings that inspired me to start this blog.

    Anu, thanks to you too! I feel lucky that I am able to feel at home most anywhere. I also feel very fortunate that I am able to move past being a tourist and see places through the eyes of the locals. I owe both of those gifts to my Mom and they are gifts I treasure.

  11. C'est très sympa ton blog!
    Vite encore d'autres nouvelles!
    Je ne pense pas cuisiner quand vous serez chez moi: tu m'as l'air tellement douée!
    Tu me diras ce que vous aimeriez manger!
    Grosses bises!

  12. love reading all your adventures great experiences and pictures. i am reminded of eating raclette after a all day hike near the matterhorn and the family farm/cafe way up past the goats and trees.
    if you would add my blog:for heavens cake" to your blog roll i would appreciate it
    enjoy the rest of the adventure
    love from lucy's

  13. Michael,

    Sorry that I didn't see your comment until today. Fortunately, Steve was looking back over old posts and spotted it. I am happy to add your blog to my list! I will do it right now.

    My love to you and Marika.

    See you when we get back.