Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fromagerie de Saint Germain en Laye

I owe my love of and fascination with good cheese to Steve's cousin Marie-Catherine and her husband Jean. When we were visiting a few years ago they served us a plate of cheeses that included Vacherin Mont D'Or which I immediately fell in love with. I was raised with French and Italian cheese in the house but I never had an interest in it other than the basic blues, brie and Camembert or Parmesan and Romano. In fact, I was turned of by any of the stronger cheeses and especially the really runny ones. Boy, did my world change when we had cheese with Steve's cousins. I really fell in love with good cheese that day and I have enjoyed the world of cheese ever since.

I came across this cheese shop on my walks through the town of St. Germain en Laye. I saw two cheese shops but this is the one that captured my attention for its rustic charm and vast selection.

I have rarely met a cow or sheep milk cheese I don't like however I have an extreme dislike for all goat's milk cheese. The taste of goat's milk itself and cheeses made from it have a particular pungency that I find horribly offensive. I still find goat's milk cheeses beautiful to look at. Here are some beauties-

I adore mild and delicate cheeses but in general the stronger and or runnier the better for me. Here is one I had not heard of before. The shop owner suggested I try it. It was nicely ripe, strong with a deep, rich slightly salty taste. I enjoyed it immensely.

After looking on the internet for information on le fromage St. Point I learned that it is from the Jura region. That gave me a giggle because it is funny how many of my favorite cheeses happen to come from this mountainous region that Steve and I drive through on our way from France to Switzerland.

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  1. I love runny, smelly cheese. That shop looks amazing!

  2. That shop was pretty amazing.

    There are so many wonderful cheese shops in Paris. One that I like is not far from where we'll be staying. I can't wait for you to see the cheese shops of Paris!

    When we first got here to Switzerland, the Co-op grocery that I like had a great supply of Mont D'Or. I went the other day to buy a few more rounds before they go away for the season and they were already gone! No worries though. The cheese shop in a neighboring town still had a few rounds. I will stop there today to buy one or two.