Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saint Leu la Foret

In 1981 I went with about 20 students from my fifth grade French class to France on a student exchange program.

We stayed with families in the town of St. Leu la Foret, about 30 minutes north of Paris.

I have always meant to go back to see the town when I've been on trips to France and this time I finally did. The town was for the most part as I remembered it although it seems to have lost some of its population and is not quite as dynamic as it was when my class was there. There were lots of empty shops on the main street and of those that are still there, many have seen better days. None the less it was good to go back and see the town.

Here is the school our class attended when we were in St. Leu la Foret-

And a picture of the schoolyard-

I tried to find the house of the family I stayed with. I narrowed it down to 2 places. One of them had the following note on the front door and it really made me chuckle. The family I stayed with was not the friendliest and the tone of this note makes me think that of the two houses I saw this was probably the home of the family I lived with.

The notice says-

"Ladies and Gentleman, would you like to find dog droppings ON YOUR DOOR STEP? HELL NO YOU WOULDN'T. So, please do not leave your droppings here!"

The tenor of the note along with the hillarious picture of a pooping dog with a line through it made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. I can just see the not so friendly people I lived with putting up this notice.


  1. Too funny! My friend Tracy has one grouse about her years in Belgium - every morning, as she and her kids headed out the door, they would find dog poop deposited faithfully on their door step. (Apparently, the pooper scooper doesn't exist in Europe?!)

  2. Anu, I would grouse about that too! People here are much better about picking up after their dogs than they have been in the past but obviously there are still folks who don't show that consideration!