Friday, April 3, 2009


I love a deal.

Really, does anyone not love a deal?

My sister turned me on to this deodorant a few years ago and I am hooked on it. It has a pleasant, light fragrance and it works like nothing else.

The problem with this product is that it's not cheap. In Switzerland one bottle is about $15.00/US Dollars. Crazy, huh?

In France this deodorant is less expensive and I have learned that around this time of year the company that makes it offers many of their products for a special price when you buy two. This special price makes the deodorant about 8 US dollars a bottle when bought in France with the special offer. O.K. I know, 8 smacks for deodorant is crazy but I love this stuff! This deodorant is so good that you don't have to use it every day. That makes up for the price, no?

I was hoping to find the deal when while we were here and I scoured the pharmacies until I found one that had the deodorant at the special price then I bought all they had.

Steve said you all would think I was nutty to post about deodorant but since you all know I'm nutty anyway, I wanted to share my excitement over my good deal! Score!!!


  1. Is it made of natural stuff?

    Good deal either way!!! I'm sure it has a long shelf life, so buy it up while you can.

  2. That's funny. I buy my deodorant at Boots in England for the same reason -- it really works like nothing else I can find here (you get really weird BO with menopause, lol, and the Boots deodorant cured it).


  3. Shel, as far as I can tell the deodorant is made from the same aluminum product that most are made from but it works like no other deodorant I've used. Maybe it is stronger? One of these days I'll look more closely at the ingredients to see if there is anything else in there.

    Patti, fortunately weird BO is not one of the peri-menopause symptoms I've had, at least not yet! Too funny though that we both have found a Euro deodorant that we like.