Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paris Digs

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love finding great places to stay when Steve and I travel. When I found out that two of our friends from Cleveland were coming for a visit to Switzerland and that we would take a trip together to Paris I started looking for that *perfect*, modestly priced hotel. All the hotels that fit the bill in the area where we like to stay were either booked or a little out of our price range. I decided to look for apartments, doh, why didn't I do that to begin with?

I found a most wonderful flat for us to rent in the Marais about 4 blocks from the flat where Steve and I usually stay (too small for the four of us). It was a perfect place to stay, nice sized, two bathrooms, very sunny, fab kitchen and on a quiet street. All that and a bit of history too. We were told that the building was once home to Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan who the character, D'Artagnan, of the Three Musketeers was based on.

As much as Steve and I like to try new things we are also creatures of habit. Once we find the *perfect* this or that we stick with it as is the case with our favorite creperie that is just around the corner from the flat we usually rent.

We like this creperie because it is not just a street stand but a little restaurant that serves nicer savory and sweet crepes than you are likely to get on the street. They have a small seating area inside on the first floor, a small sunny room with a few tables on the second floor and several tables on the sidewalk. They serve very good espresso. I don't know what it it but Steve and I get more stale espresso in Paris than anywhere else so in addition to all the other things we like about this place that they have rich, non-stale, espresso makes it our go-to neighborhood spot.

It was so cool to get to share our little section of Paris with friends and also to take them to see the sites. I don't know of many things or experiences that aren't better shared!

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