Saturday, April 11, 2009

More From Last Weekend, In Paris

Here are a few more pics from our weekend in Paris with Steve's cousins.

Marie-Catherine's husband Jean-

Jean is a huge blues and classic rock fan. He treated me to a mini concert in the living room.

Jean took us to walk in the Latin Quarter, Mt. St-Geneviève area, and The Luxemburg gardens.

This area of Paris was settled the the Romans when they over took Paris in 52 BC. About 60 years ago a forum/amphitheater was uncovered during excavation for a new building. The building plans were halted and the forum was made into a park.

Steve and Jean in the forum park-

Steve's other cousin Stephan and his wife Sophie and Jean's good friend, William, came over to join us for dinner. We had a huge rib roast cooked on the grill, merguez sausages and a potato/reblochon gratin. I love French beef. It is deep and rich flavor and is farm raised.

I didn't get pictures of Marie-Catherine, Sophie, Stephan or any of the kids which means that Steve and I will have to stop back for a few days to visit before we head back to the states!

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