Friday, April 17, 2009


Last Thursday two of our friends from Cleveland came to visit. I picked them up in the morning at the airport in Geneva.

We stopped on the way back to the house at a sweet little bakery that is in the general vicinity of the farms. We choose several sandwiches to share for lunch.

In the afternoon we walked along the waterfront in Montreux. I learned that there is a market on the waterfront every Thursday with produce and antique/flea market sorts of goods.

Thursday night I made a fondue, steamed artichokes and salad for dinner. It was the best fondue I've had if I do say so myself. When ever I've had fondue out I've always felt it lacking in flavor. This was my first time making my own fondue and I bought the pre-grated mix from the lovely fromagerie one town over where I buy my cheeses. I asked for the strongest of the fondue mixes and added four cloves of garlic and a healthy amount of the Swiss white wine Fondant.

Here is the garlic steeping in the wine.

And here is the cheese being melted a handful at a time.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the finished fondue but oh my gosh was it good! We had it with baguette and also a slightly softer-crusted bread with sesame and poppy seeds. The artichoke hearts were wonderful dipped in the fondue.

Thanks to Edsel for the pics from the day. Most of my posts from the week of the visit will be with Edsel's great pics.

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