Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Harold

Did you know that there are tons of geckos and lizards in the Alps? No? Me either until my first visit after Jenny and Nico moved here.

There is a gecko that has taken up residence in a little hole in the wall where it meets the patio, right next to the door to the terrace.

He was none to happy this morning when I went out to sweep the terrace and wash the windows. I disturbed his sun bathing. He scurried back into his home and would poke his head out to scope out the situation every few moments. After about twenty or so looks he must have decided that I was of no harm to him as he made his way back out and laid in the sun while I went about my cleaning. We went through the same dance when I decided to get a picture of him. He scurried away when I got too close with the camera but after a few in and outs he chilled and had another lay-down in the sun. I figured that since we have established such a relationship I should give him a name. I have decided to call him Harold.

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