Monday, April 27, 2009

What's New

I have one more post to write about our time in Paris with our friends but I have not had a chance to sit down and put it together.

Last week, I cooked, cleaned and worked in the yard with Nico.

Nico's parents, Roland and Jocelyn came for a visit last Friday and are staying until this afternoon. We had a wonderful weekend visiting with them.

Saturday, Jocelyn and I went to the market in Vevey. She bought rabbit and I bought a large rib roast. That night Steve cooked the rib roast on the grill and we also had baked potatoes and I made blue cheese dressing which we had with endive. Jocelyn made a delicious rhubarb tart with rhubarb from Jenny and Nico's garden.

Sunday, Jocelyn made rabbit with mustard sauce and green beans and salad and I made an apple pie.

I did lots of laundry and ironing over the weekend so that Steve would have clean clothes and pressed shirts for his trip back to France this week.

This morning I am copying recipes from my recipe book to put into a book that I am making for Jenny. The recipes are all family recipes. Lots of cake and cookie recipes from my Grandma Black such as oatmeal cake, gingerbread cake, kolachkies, Russian Tea Balls. Savory recipes from Nelly such as onion & turmeric chicken, bean stew and quiche. Some Italian recipes from my Grandma Holley like cannoli shells and filling, sauce and pasta. Some of my own recipes like BBQ sauce, chocolate chip cookies, pie fillings and crust and Indian dishes.

I will post more this week but I wanted to say hello, especially to my Grandma Black and Uncle Red. I love you.



  1. I think putting together a book of cherished recipes is a wonderful idea. Jenny should be so lucky. :)

  2. Sniff!
    Je ne connais pas tes chocolate chips cookies!
    Je suis sûre que je les aimerai!!
    Gros bisous.

  3. I agree with Tino! Diane, you should make it an electronic cookbook instead =)

  4. Ahhhhhh, Marie-Catherine, I baked a double batch so that I can bring some with me to Paris next week just for you! I also just posted the recipe!

    Tino and Dave, my sister and I are both lucky to have each other and to have this time together. My sister is my best friend. We are happy and comfortable just being in the same room together, we don't even have to talk.

    As for an electronic cookbook...even though I often go to the web to look at recipes, nothing takes the place of a hand written recipe especially when it's from family. I love the wear that recipe cards get as they are used over the years; they develop a beautiful patina.